Maintenance 24th of May

Dear players!
This week's maintenance will start on Wednesday, 24th of May 10AM CET and will take longer time.
No maintenance on Thursday.
Be sure to save your progress!

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05/22/2017 12:44:32


From 21.05.2017 0:00 to 21.05.2017 23:59 you can find on item shop:
25% Discount:
- Fruit of Life - Price: 97 (129) DCsicon_metin2_it_9d24022d1a426974e9254376a62c419e.png
- Modification Charm…

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05/20/2017 22:20:20

Steam, new servers and the road ahead

Dear players,
Last week we launched Metin2 on Steam and we’ve been overwhelmed by just how many of you are joining the game, returning to it, or just willing to have a fresh start. So far more than 160,000 people have started playing Metin2 via Steam,…

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05/18/2017 14:11:58

Maintenance CW20

Maintenance has ended.
Have fun!

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05/18/2017 11:11:45

Happy Hour 20%

Dear community,
the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!
Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 20% more Dragon Coins! This offer is valid…

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05/17/2017 22:06:15

Windshoes+ & Discounts

From 17.05.2017 0:00 to 17.05.2017 23:59 you can find on item shop:
On sale:
- Windshoes+ - Price: 179…

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05/17/2017 03:01:54

Earlier maintenance 18th of May

Dear players!
Maintenance will start 09:00 CET and will take longer time.
Be sure to save your progress!

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05/16/2017 16:17:57

Whelp Box + Potion of Wisdom + Discounts

From 14.05.2017 0:00 to 14.05.2017 23:59 you can find on item shop:
On sale:
- Whelp Box - Price: 35 DCs
- Potion of Wisdom…

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05/13/2017 21:11:33