Sales - Waynes Shrine + Desert Storm - 28 June

Dear players!
On 28.06.2017 from 00:00 untill 23:59 we will have discount on following items:
Waynes Shrine
Desert Storm Chest
Take your chance!

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06/27/2017 19:08:08

Sales - Discounts - 27 June

Dear players!
On 27 of June, from 00.01 to 23.59, we will have the following discounts:
Discount 40% on Enchant Item+ Discount 20% on Enchant Item
Take your chance!

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06/26/2017 18:40:35

FAQ 17.3

Block Function
From now on you will be able to block all interactions with anotherplayer.
What gets blocked?
Once you block a player, they cannot write messages to you, trade withyou, duel with you, use emotions on you, add you as a friend orinvite you…

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06/26/2017 16:00:00

Sales: Dragon Chest Plus + Sovereign Sash

From 26.06.2017 0:00 to 26.06.2017 23:59 you can find on item shop:
On sale:
Dragon Chest Plus - 149DC
Sovereign Sash - 49DC

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06/26/2017 14:54:23

Channel removal

Dear Community,
We would like to ensure that our channels are all equally busy, and in order to achieve this goal, we’re going to reduce the number of channels per server. This should help to prevent certain channels becoming excessively full, while…

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06/26/2017 11:34:37

Update 17.3

Dear players,
As the summer rolls on, we’re pleased to bring you the burning new update 17.3 with tons of exciting changes in store!
The patch will launch on June 27th!
Look forward to a…

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06/26/2017 11:00:00

Happy Hour 30%

Dear community,
the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!
Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 30% more Dragon Coins! This offer is valid…

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06/25/2017 02:08:55

Whelp box + Costumes&Hairstyles

From 23.06.2017 0:00 to 23.06.2017 23:59 you can find on item shop:
On sale:
Whelp box…

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06/22/2017 21:55:05